Online Counselling and Psychological Support for Italians abroad

Online Counselling and Psychological Support for Italians abroad
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Finding a job in a foreign country is a source of fantastic opportunities to many people. However, others may chose to go abroad out of necessity and they may feel that satisfaction is often alternated to discomfort.

Frequently, living in a foreign country, one may feel to be able to cope with their own issues. One may feel to have the necessary skills-set to go beyond their habits and to be open to the traditions of the host country. In this way, we may satisfy our increasing curiosity and the need for new experiences.

Though, There may be some gloomy moments and the enthusiasm, the desire to be open and the excitement for the new experiences becomes unimportant. In those moments, the absence of deep and meaningful bonds becomes more present and the distance of our beloved ones, which live far away from us, get hard to be stood.

Building genuine friendships may not be easy, even though we have already developed strong empathetic and social skills. Not to mention, the difficulty of meeting the right person for us and creating a love relationship.

If one went alone abroad, it may take a long time to meet somebody with whom sharing our love feelings. Then, loneliness may become hard to bear. Melancholy, emptiness and sadness may define our predominant mood for too many days.

Unavoidably, memories and regrets find a way to resurface to our conscience. Those moments can lead us to a deep inner discomfort.

However, when one realizes that may be necessary asking for help and build the skill-set to cope with daily life serenely, people may feel more comfortable talking to a person that speak their mother tongue, a person who shares the same cultural behavior and therefore he or she may find easier resonating with our daily life struggles.

If this is the kind of experience that features your life in this moment and if you feel to share your discomfort with somebody who is able to welcome it and walk with you on a path towards the elaboration of your emotions, you can ask for help and talk with me on Skype getting counselling sessions on line.

To get information about the counselling services on line or to book a first counselling session for free it will suffice filling out the form, which is in contact page (in Italian).

Many people rather personal contacts, the face to face with their counsellor, however modern life is often characterized by ways of communication through new technologies. A deep, welcoming, empathetic and useful communication is possible also through skype and so it is possible with the psychological support too.

If you live in a foreign country and you are experiencing loneliness or inner pain or if you are feeling sad for the lack of points of reference and for the distance from your long time friends, you can try and express your feelings to a competent person. You can express your feelings to a person ready to welcome them and to help you elaborating them. You can book a free consultation with me (it only takes filling the form that you find in this webpage).

The cost of one session can be agreed based on the personal needs of the consultant and it can be decided during the first free counselling session. In any case, The tariffs of the service can be agreed together, based on the specific circumstances lived by the consultant. Moreover, I will take in account requests of psychological help with people living in different time zones, as long as we would be able to agree a suitable time for both of us.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate and contact me or check my web page!

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